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• We are a company that is in the business of construction since 1992. In 2000, as part of a integral sustained growth, has changed its name to A.C. Nunes - Soc Ltd, continuing with the same colaboradres and partners.

• The company expanded their business to French Guiana and Mozambique. Other challenges await us, but we aware, that with work and professionalism that we put in all our services, we can consolidate our objectives.


• Our main services are the Construction and Public Works. Also in parallel and as complement, the rental of machinery for the construction industry.

• We also work by contract and sub-works, such as for example in Terminal Multiporpose Sines. 

• We have in our curriculum various works of court molding, armor and placing concrete, construction of single-family houses, construction of buildings of housing and services for up to 6 floors, construction of buildings, and execution of infrastructure

• We perform freight. In fact we are qualified for transportation of goods such as Inerts, machines, gypsum and charcoal Licence by IMTT with nº 666 857.


Small sample of some works performed by us


We have a quite complete machine park for Construction works and  inert transport.

We provide a rental service  in the  Nacinal territory and Internacinal (Mozambique)

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ZIL2, Lt 2 - Apartado 212
7520-909 Sines

Telefone: +351 269 632 071
Fax: +351 269 636 155